Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Two Angels

About my friend A, whose father has never told his other children that he has another daughter.

Blood binds them
Ignorance divides them
Fears and lies hide them from the joys of connection
And the likely pains of revelation
Alone, detached from flesh and blood
She aches for a kinship denied
And wonders who knows
And questions who cares
Their father’s sin
From ages ago
Unconfessed , Unresolved
Yet still potent in its power to hurt
To deprive

To connect?
Or not?
That is the question the breaks the heart.
To reveal
To conceal
That’s the decision that may liberate
Or may scathe
Two angels apart
One knows
One lingers in a haze
One waits, her wings clipped
One unaware
The man that connects them
In perpetual denial
In a coward’s cloud