Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Never Ever

And when all is done
And my life is on a countdown of days
When my lungs heave their last few rounds of inhalation and exhalation
And I look back at a life just about finished
Will my breath be laced with regrets
Will I sigh about the book i never wrote
The song I never sang out loud
The city I've been meaning to visit but never did 
The poetry forgotten
The world I never changed 
The talent I buried 
The gifts I never gave
The apology I withheld 
The hug I was too shy to give
The compliment I hesitated to utter
The gospel I was too afraid to preach
The goodness I held back
The speech I forgot to deliver 
The film I never saw 
The literature I was too lazy or overwhelmed to read
The moment i did not seize
The bucket list I didn't even bother with 
The instructions I never gave
The craft I never mastered 
The bungee jump I never took 
The ocean depth I did not plumb
The leap I did not take
The love I limited
The me I did not discover
The inertia I did not overcome
The fear that kept me from trying
The break I stepped on to keep me from soaring
Will the unfinished business I never even started
Drag my spirit down 
As my body gives in 
And all the dreams I gave up on
Die with me?