Sunday, June 19, 2011

Do you?

Do you ever feel your chest about to burst
Just out of sheer affection
For that person in front of you

Do you ever want to shout out
This person’s mine
This person chose me

Do you ever stop your hand
From just touching to assure yourself
That person’s there

Do you ever hear your heart groan
Aching for more
Hungry for something

Do you ever gnash your teeth
Wanting to be more than you can be
Better, prettier, sweeter

Do you ever feel regret
That you weren’t always there
To understand the history behind the person
You now see

Do you ever feel your eyes fog up
Just at the thought of losing someone
Who means more than life
To you

Do you ever wonder how long
A lifetime you still have
To spend, to relish

Do you?

Because sometimes,
Okay, once in a while,
I do

And if you didn’t
It would be just so sad
For me
And you