Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Scent of Mother

At night, she gets out of the shower
A scent of alcohol and baby powder
Trailing after her
Smelling like clean and comfort
And sweet dreams and safety
She throws the sheets up in the air
Casting off dust and bed monsters
That whiff of happy
Filling the room
Assuring, protecting, calming

When my tummy aches
When I cry in pain
She fills my lungs
With the scent of magic potions
Vicks vaporub and manzanilla
No medicine's more potent
Than her touch like magic
Her kiss a healing tonic
And the scent of  mommy's love
Chases the pain away

She comes in from the garden
Smelling of sun and soil
Of nature and nurturing
Of green grass and growing things
The biggest wonder
Is that no matter how dusty
And dirty she gets
Her sweat is the scent
Of freshness and health
Of rainbows and garden joy

Nothing in the world
Can smell better
No factory can make
No shop can sell
Nothing can top
Nothing can comfort like
Nothing will replace
That heady scent
That heavenly embrace
Of that perfume called mother