Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I want a poem for 2009
I want a voice for my hopes
To versify my dreams
That the passing of years have pushed to urgency
I want to shout, Now
Been waiting for so long
Been lazing and slacking
Hoping things will happen on their own
I want to push what can be moved
I want to change what is screaming to be changed
I want new colors
I want new words
To replace my life's oft-repeated cliches
I want to sing a different tune
I want to drink new wine
I need a sea change
I need to see change
I want to enter a great, spanking new door
And fling open new windows to new worlds
I want to get inside my head
And check out new rooms I've never explored
I want to break old habits
And start good ones
I want to see different faces
On faces I've known for so long
I want to breathe new life to good old things
I want new shoes
I want to drive in roads I've never seen
I want to dive deep
For I've been wading in shallow waters
I want to close my eyes
And discover me
I want to discover a new element
I want to discover the Philippines
As if I were the first one here
I want to see things in a different light
I want to stay put and not be swayed
I want to be moved by passions
Guided by Wisdom
I want a new nose
To see my toes
I want to love deeply
I want to take a blank canvas
And paint something that will surprise me
I want to surprise others
With the song I've kept hidden
I want to sleep like others do
When others do
I want to know more about the people I know
I want to read more
I want to serve more
To give more
To be more
I want to have a baby in my womb
I want so much
I want a new poem for 2009
Something I've never written before
Something no one has ever said
No one has ever read
Something new
Nothing borrowed
Something great and glorious
Everything good
I want a poem of hope and truth
And love and joy for 2009

Holiday Haiku

Manic, mad, daily
Rush from here to everywhere
Too much everything

to all who have dropped in here and made me smile knowing somebody finds my words worth reading. I pray for you a glorious, prosperous, peaceful, love-filled, blessed 2009!

Monday, December 8, 2008


Alone amid my books and things
In a tank top and underwear
The whir of the electric fan
The keyboard clicking clacking as I type
The humming of the mother board
Ambient noises from the street outside
Passing planes from a distant sky
No human noise except my own
Nasal noises and hacking cough
I am home. Here. I am alone.
It feels strange. I need to get used to this.
I'm home. Alone. Could hardly believe it.
And so, now what, now how, and for how long
When will the longing for excitement come
When will the antsy "what next" anguish start
How long before the idle mind awakes
And dreams of evil wicked games to play
Been here before, same time, this same place
Uh oh, watch out world, I am home alone.

- 2002? Unemployed

Monday, December 1, 2008


Separate souls
Different goals
Bound by circumstance and choice
The desires of our hearts
Wedge us apart
And lead us to forked paths

Do we put freedom
Ahead of unity
Do I respect his individuality
Does the need to merge
Take second place
To the growth of his spirituality

Our hearts ache for different things
Is this a sign
Need I discern a deeper meaning
Do I ignore the whispers of my instinct
Do I let go and let life unravel
Without my selfish controlling
Do I choose
Or do I wait
Do I push
Or leave it to fate