Monday, December 8, 2008


Alone amid my books and things
In a tank top and underwear
The whir of the electric fan
The keyboard clicking clacking as I type
The humming of the mother board
Ambient noises from the street outside
Passing planes from a distant sky
No human noise except my own
Nasal noises and hacking cough
I am home. Here. I am alone.
It feels strange. I need to get used to this.
I'm home. Alone. Could hardly believe it.
And so, now what, now how, and for how long
When will the longing for excitement come
When will the antsy "what next" anguish start
How long before the idle mind awakes
And dreams of evil wicked games to play
Been here before, same time, this same place
Uh oh, watch out world, I am home alone.

- 2002? Unemployed


PinkLady said...

You write so beautifully, Gege. Ang galing-galing naman! I'm a fan now. I hope you'll continue writing beautiful poems.


xyn said...

hi gege.
hmm.. magtagalog na lang ako ah.. hahaha kasi nkita ko sa profile mo you live in the philippines.. as i was exploring different blogs of my readers i found yours and i indeed like your writings.. =)

i'll be following your blog about weight loss tips.. =) and for the compliment that im pretty, THAT IS SO MUCH OF A COMPLIMENT. hahaha.. thanks talaga. =)

keep safe and merry christmas.

xyn said...

hmm PS.

na-follow ko po yung blog mo.. from dashboard.. i copied your url and added it to my blogs that im following. =)