Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I want a poem for 2009
I want a voice for my hopes
To versify my dreams
That the passing of years have pushed to urgency
I want to shout, Now
Been waiting for so long
Been lazing and slacking
Hoping things will happen on their own
I want to push what can be moved
I want to change what is screaming to be changed
I want new colors
I want new words
To replace my life's oft-repeated cliches
I want to sing a different tune
I want to drink new wine
I need a sea change
I need to see change
I want to enter a great, spanking new door
And fling open new windows to new worlds
I want to get inside my head
And check out new rooms I've never explored
I want to break old habits
And start good ones
I want to see different faces
On faces I've known for so long
I want to breathe new life to good old things
I want new shoes
I want to drive in roads I've never seen
I want to dive deep
For I've been wading in shallow waters
I want to close my eyes
And discover me
I want to discover a new element
I want to discover the Philippines
As if I were the first one here
I want to see things in a different light
I want to stay put and not be swayed
I want to be moved by passions
Guided by Wisdom
I want a new nose
To see my toes
I want to love deeply
I want to take a blank canvas
And paint something that will surprise me
I want to surprise others
With the song I've kept hidden
I want to sleep like others do
When others do
I want to know more about the people I know
I want to read more
I want to serve more
To give more
To be more
I want to have a baby in my womb
I want so much
I want a new poem for 2009
Something I've never written before
Something no one has ever said
No one has ever read
Something new
Nothing borrowed
Something great and glorious
Everything good
I want a poem of hope and truth
And love and joy for 2009


Every Photo Tells A Story said...

Wishing you a Healthy and Happy New Year!