Sunday, January 18, 2009

Psalm 14:1

You think you are so cool
So worldly
So wise

You strut around with the notion
That you know it all
Are above it all
Immune from old wives' tales

You laugh at and deride
Those who dare to believe
In something bigger
Than what their eyes can see

You label others as fools
For they have so-called crutches
And because they know that
There is more to life than all this

You turn up your nose
At simple folks
In your heart you feel superior
To us, dense, delusional worshipers

You shout you have science on your side
Logic is your weapon
But isn't science about discovery
About an open mind

Smugly, you sneer at the poor soul-less creatures
Believing in the soul
You do a roll call of philosophers who speak
Your finite beliefs

But what do you really have
But a mind too small to accept the great
A heart too barren
A life too empty

Listen, shutting your eyes
Cannot douse the light
Spouting your echoed rhetoric
Cannot kill the truth

What you say is not there
Will not die with your disbelief
I have no debates to offer
I have no arguments

All I have is love
And a prayer
For forgiveness
For you know not what you do