Monday, June 1, 2009

I Didn't Know You Well Enough

I didn't know you well enough
Didn't know your favorite color was pink
Didn't know whom you lived with
What you did
When you weren't with me
Who you were
When your guard was down
Beneath the layers
You chose to reveal
What you dreamed of
Ached for
What you're made of

I didn't know you well enough
Didn't have enough of you
Didn't hear enough speeches
Didn't hear enough stories
Didn't spend enough time
Before you left
So abruptly
Too early
Didn't know this was coming

Didn't try hard enough
To reach out to you
To know you
Didn't share all I wanted to tell
Didn't tell all I wanted you to hear
Didn't say goodbye
Didn't get the chance

And now no amount of wishing
Can give me time with you
No amount of regret
Can bring back time

This tragic death
Is suffered not by the one who's gone
But by the ones left behind
Those who didn't know you well enough


Priyanka Agrawalla said...

this was really lovely one from you, poignant though. very touchy.

Butch S. said...

Lesson learned?

Lets not take our friends and acquaintances for granted.

Lets not procrastinate - thinking there will always be more time to do these things later.

From what little I saw and knew of him - Mars seemed happy, content... never one to burden others with his worries or problems.

He lived life and made our experiences with him worth remembering... his gift, I guess, to his friends.

Did he know?

If so, he was a very caring and courageous soul - again, not burdening any friend with hsi worries.

If not... then he emulated how we should live life.

Think of it this way, Ge... we are reflections of our friends (birds of same feathers... and all) - and if we saw all these things in Mars... what wonders did he see in us?

I think he would want us to focus more on that.

gege said...

"never one to burden others with his worries or problems.'

That's so precise, Butch. He did not want us to make a fuss, so he didn't tell us he was still sick. We thought he was recuperating, and we were just waiting for him to get back on his feet and join our meetings again.

I guess I just need to process this. I'm glad he is no longer in pain. I'm mainly sad for his grieving family and for myself -- just one last chance for a hug and to just say he is loved.

Anonymous said...

I never had much time to know him either ... but, deep in my being, as witnessed by all, Mar is a man with so many friends ...

Mel Alarilla said...

A fitting ode to a departed friend whom you will miss for the rest of your life. It is when things are gone that we realize their value in our lives. The moral is: we must show attention and love to those we love when he is still alive for no amount of remorse can compensate for the loss of a loved one. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.