Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I look at you
And know not much

What I would give to know
The thoughts behind those eyes
The feelings that drive those thoughts
The life experiences that formed those feelings
Your life before I came
The stories I was not part of
Those times when you were young enough to cry
When you were innocent enough to be true
True enough to be free
Free enough to be you

I look at you and wonder
What you are about
And what I am in relation to you
A convenient prop
That completes the picture?
An obligation, a responsibility
Your sense of decency requires to keep?
The love of your life
Who keeps you whole?
The one who stayed?
The one whom you chose
When you knew no better?

I see your mouth open
Telling me of trivial details
Of the what’s and when’s
When what I want to hear is the why
I feel your arms around me
I feel your warmth
And I know you’re real
I know you’re here
Yet I ache
For something more
Beneath your skin
Between the words

Maybe this is it
All there is to know
Maybe I want too much
And imagine that there’s more
Maybe what I see
Is what I get
And what I get is the best there is
Do I tell my heart
To delight in this
That I should be so lucky
To have you
Flesh and blood
Here and now
And that’s all that there really is?