Sunday, June 9, 2013

Ode to the Invention Called the Shower

That first collision of the cold splash of water
With the steaming heat of my scalp
Followed by the explosion of ecstasy
And the escape of a moan
From a mouth minutes ago was cursing summer
And I feel like I was the one to discover
The opposite of fire
And so I melt in a ball of exquisite joy
Of utter surrender
Whispering a prayer to the God of water
And I let the rivulets of pleasure
Drizzle my hair
Trickle down my face
Tickle my back
Embrace my chest
Wash away the grime
Obliterate summer’s sweat
And expunge the heat
And erase the hate
For this torrid bleeping weather
The curse of being a tropical creature
Ah, this magnificent shower
This splash of relief

If only I could stay here forever