Tuesday, November 18, 2008


There's a space inside me, a gaping hole,
That aches to be filled by another soul.
There's a space in my life for one new being
Hungry for nourishment, love and caring,
There's a space in my home waiting for a gift
From Him who receives the wishes I lift.
There's a space in my heart that longs to love,
Waiting, hoping for an angel from above.
There's a space in my ear that longs to hear,
A cry so sweet, a giggle so dear.
There's space in my mind filled with knowledge
Sharing them with you would be my great privilege.
There's a space in the nook of my arm,
Ready to hold you and keep you warm.
There's a space in my being
Longing, longing, longing

after having been diagnosed as having PCOS,
a non-life threatening condition that makes
conception a bit of a challenge


WHY said...

I hope your wish to become a mother comes true! I think you'd be a great mom.

meili_lo said...

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